Tattoo Deposit

We currently accept deposits to secure your booking via Paypal.

There are 2 methods that you can do this.  Method 1 being preferred as it avoids any Paypal charges.

Method 1: Paypal – Pay Or Send Money

You can log in to your Paypal account and click the button to Pay Or Send Money. Following this, if you happen to click on the option “Send money to friends and family”, this will save us money on Paypal transaction charges.

The email address to send the payment to is: Enquiries [at] Lunaci .co .uk

Follow the options through and put in the agreed deposit amount.  This is usually 25% of the cost.

Make sure in the comment/note section that you put your name, and date of appointment so that we can allocate this against your booking.


Method 2: Paypal – Online Form

Complete the form below and click the payment button.
Once redirected to Paypal, input the agreed deposit amount and make the Payment.
Your Name
Booking Details (Date/Time)